Is there a guidebook for the Amethyst Oracle?

No, the cards are self-explanatory; Truth means things that are true, Lies means deception, so on and so forth. If you REALLY need something, I have a post about each card on Instagram with the tag #AOLWB. It's mainly sarcasm though.

Why do you only do one print run of your decks?

I like the finality of it. I am a one-woman operation, and as such I am in charge of designing, ordering, and shipping every order. This takes a lot of time. With only having one print run, I can put more time towards creating new projects and leave old projects behind.

I'm scared I'm going to miss out on buying one of your decks! What's the best way to keep track of when you're going to sell them?

The best way to keep up with my decks is to sign up for my mailing list! I won't spam you with emails, it is purely to keep you informed of when a deck or similar project will be available, when they are for sale, and when decks are running out.

I want to use your deck in my readings for my shop, is that alright?

Absolutely! You can use my cards however you wish- reading for yourself, reading for other people, in your blog posts, for your customers, whatever. I created them for you to use them. As long as you're not trying to duplicate the deck, please feel free to do whatever you want.

I want to promo you on my Instagram/YouTube/whatever, can you send me a free deck?

I am totally fine with reviews or videos or what have you with my decks, however, I ask that you please purchase the decks first.

I love your art, and I would love to see something as a particular product in your Society6 or Redbubble shop, but I don't see it.

No problem! If you see something that you love and want to see it on an item I don't already have listed, be sure to let me know! I will add it to my shop for you.

Oh look a mailing list.

You want me to tell you things? I can do that.